These are just some of the complete line of services that we offer:

• Virus and other infection removal

• Detect possible hardware malfunction

• New system setup

• Sales of new computers and laptops

Virus and other infections removal

It isn't just viruses these days that are the cause of most problems. Malware is the most common type of infections.This includes computer viruses, worms, trojan horses, most rootkits, spyware, dishonest adware, crimeware and other malicious and unwanted software

• Web Surfing crashes / restarting

• Your internet Home page has been changed

• Everything stops responding or locks up often

• Low disk space or virtual memory pop up

• Pop-ups occur often

• Unusual error messages

• Applications NOT working

• Cannot play videos?

• Restarting / Crashes unexpectedly

• Desktop icons have disappeared

• Computer speeds problems

Signs of possible Hardware malfunction:

• Computer will not turn on

• NO display but lights are flashing

• Overheating

• Static in speakers

• Strange noises / smells

• Visual static on the screen

New system setup

It can be more complicated than you expect to startup and setup a new system. We provide the most convenient setup procedure for your taste. Do you want a password on your computer? Do you want Microsoft to have unrestricted access to your personal information?


Troubleshooting connectivity or signal loss. Wired or Wireless, we can help with them both from supplying and setup and encryption and long distance transmission. We can do it all.

New Computers including laptops

We offer a series of New Computers and peripherals for your consideration. We don't make any money on warranty service so we use the best available parts. We offer a full 2 year warranty on all computers. In consultation we can customize the system to meet your needs. We will come to pick up your old system: setup the new system with your data and available programs then return with the new system and connect your printer and other peripherals.

You have your old computer 1 day and within 2 days you have a new computer ready to go.

What it comes down to is that anything you can get in a computer store we can supply and install.

We are your complete Mobile Computer Solution

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